An index-based method for coastal-flood risk assessment in low-lying areas (Costa de Caparica, Portugal)

by 7 Jun 2017Notícia, Submersão

Source: Ocean & Coastal Management. Volume 144, 15 July 2017, Pages 90–104

Authors: Susana Ferreira Silvaa, Marta Martinhoa, Rui Capitãob, Teresa Reisb, Conceição Joana Fortesb, José Carlos Ferreirac

The coastal area of Costa de Caparica is an important territory representing one of the main affected areas by storms such as Hercules in 2013 and 2014. This paper propose a new coastal risk assessment to coastal floods, combining GIS-based inundation analysis over the last 35 years, coastal vulnerability model based on geological and physical variables and, valuation of surface’ elements exposed to storms considering territorial and human components. Along with the methodology proposed for local scale, this paper points out strengths and weakness, comparing the results with another simple method to achieve coastal risk by floods. Based on this study, the paper identifies potential directions for future research contributing in management, rescue and safety decisions with local authorities.