The origin of CORIMAT

The project CORIMAT (COastal Risks Management- ATlantic Stakeholders network) aims at reinforcing a stakeholders network for the prevention and management of coastal risks. It is funded by the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF-ECF 2014-2020).

It is implemented by EUCC-Atlantique, regional office for the Atlantic area of the European NGO Coastal & Marine Union EUCC.

The main objective is to revitalize the network of public managers and scientists working in the European Atlantic area, active between 2009 and 2012 in the framework of the ANCORIM project (Atlantic Network for COastal RIsks Management). ANCORIM, funded by the European terriotorial cooperation programme INTERREG IVB « Atlantic Area », gathered 15 partners from 7 European regions, led by Aquitaine Region.

The resources (didactic tools, case studies, guidelines) elaborated within ANCORIM are once more made available to the public through CORIMAT.

The ANCORIM stakeholders directory has been updated and extended by CORIMAT.