Chlorophyll-a from satellites to support MSFD across EU marine waters

par 11 Sep 2017Actualités, Qualité des eaux

Within the CHLO4MSFD Project (funded by Mercator under the 33-UU-DO-CMEMS-DEM3 call), AZTI will develop a web portal service focussed in providing satellite-derived chlorophyll-a data and products to support the Marine Strategy Framework Directive ((MSFD 2008/56/EC).

This portal will be dedicated to stimulate and enhance the use of these data and derived products by MSFD actors in their monitoring, assessment and reporting activities, by facilitating them access to data and information that will assist them in the introduction of satellite-derived chlorophyll-a in their MSFD tasks.

In order to meet as much as possible the users needs, and create a practical and useful portal, we kindly ask you to answer the next few questions that will serve to set the structure and functionalities of the portal.

We take the opportunity to thank you in advance for your cooperation and invite you to follow this initiative in ( /).

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